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Henry has been a featured speaker at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, UK, Ben and Jerry's Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2013, and on C-SPAN's "Road to the White House" series airing in October 2012. Most recently, he was a presenter at the Global Child Forum 2014 convened at the Royal Palace in Stockholm by invitation of the King and Queen of Sweden.

Henry brings his unique brand of pace, purpose, and passion to every speaking engagement. His lessons from the campaign trail on winning and success – as well as the principles he describes that drive individual and organizational achievement in a rapidly changing world based on his experience with social entrepreneurs – are invaluable for executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators. 

Water Cooler

  • A New Lens On Youth Learning: Lead With Empathy

    Last week, I was invited to be a contributor to the Global Child Forum by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden. Convened at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, I directed my verbal remarks to four hundred delegates that included leading business CEOs and representatives from global humanitarian organizations. What follows is a written statement reflecting the answer I gave to the question: What is needed to cause a mindset shift that would benefit our children and youth?

    Re-imagining youth learning must begin with an understanding of the world our children and youth are stepping into. This requires less a mindset shift and more a reality check. That’s because most of us see a very different world than the one awaiting our young people. We see the world we entered, which is not the one they will inherit. In fact, the two worlds are in many ways polar-opposites, each requiring a very different skill set and outlook. I am confident that as we understand the distinction, society will make the accommodations necessary to prepare our children sufficiently. 

    In articulating the differences, I focus on one key element: change. I am not referring to change made possible by technology or innovations in science. I’m not even speaking about the speed of change, which sounds increasingly cliché. Rather, I highlight the nature of change. Specifically, shifts in human organization are changing the complexion and complexity of the world our children must learn to command. While these shifts are subtle, they are also very dramatic.

  • The Early Days of Hope & Change (Part 3 of 3)

    As the Obama for America organization reaches it's final moments, the following is a look back at the beginning (2007): 


    Unlike the traditional business startup where the assimilation of the workforce can be modulated and the culture systematically shaped, campaigns are hastily constructed and grow from seeds of turmoil and disarray. This caused a “Wild West” atmosphere in the beginning. What we were attempting was the organizational equivalent of creating a village from scratch, where a stream of people arrived all at once to a place that had no rules, no norms, and no structure. Chaos was the immediate consequence.

    Learn how Barack Obama took command of the culture and ethos of his budding organization: 

    View the C-SPAN video clip.

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Step Into Your BIGness

Henry De Sio offers a new lens on leadership. The world has changed. Silos are falling and hierarchy is collapsing. It's a hybrid world requiring a new framework for leading, managing, parenting, and collaborating.

Described as his journey from "Hope & Change to Changemaking," Henry shares this new paradigm by drawing examples from his experience on the campaign trail and his current work with business and social entrepreneurs. It is a framework that is both inspiring and transformational.

Leadership Lessons From The Campaign Trail

Step inside campaign headquarters for an unprecedented glimpse of what it's like to work in the hothouse atmosphere of a national presidential campaign.

Henry De Sio offers lessons from the campaign trail on winning and success that are invaluable for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and advocates alike. His stories offer something for everyone.