October 2011

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Leadership Lessons From The Campaign Trail

Step inside campaign headquarters for an unprecedented glimpse of what it's like to work in the hothouse atmosphere of a national presidential campaign. Henry De Sio was the 2008 Obama for America Chief Operating Officer and it is against the backdrop of this historic campaign that he offers compelling lessons on leadership sure to captivate entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives across all sectors. Henry brings his unique brand of pace, purpose, and passion to every speaking engagement -- telling the story of building President Obama's cutting-edge campaign operation from a seedling startup in the earliest days to the nearly $1 billion powerhouse enterprise it became.

Henry is available for domestic and international speaking engagements beginning in the new year. He customizes every conversation to meet the specific interests of his prospective audiences. His lessons from the campaign trail on winning and success are invaluable for business professionals, advocates, and political campaigners alike. 

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How Leadership & Organization Propelled Obama 2008

A Campaign Without Borders

I recently gave a talk in Old Town Alexandria that I call, "Leadership Lessons from the Campaign Trail."  Against the backdrop of my experience as the 2008 COO at Obama for America, I discussed the management takeaways that the executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators in my audiences typically find compelling.  Giving these talks is just about the coolest thing I do lately.  One reason I enjoy them so much is that I get to debunk two of the most common myths about why we won.