January 2012

Romney's Air-mageddon

The airwaves in recent primary states have been ablaze with blistering ads. Some have attributed the effectiveness of the negative attacks against Mitt Romney to his collapse in South Carolina. In fact, Romney's fall has had far more to do with mistakes of his campaign's own doing.

It begs the question once again: What's wrong inside Governor Romney's organization?

Sea Change Ahead For The Romney Campaign

“Put on full body armor.  We’ll be taking heavy artillery.”  Those were the first words OFA Campaign Manager David Plouffe greeted me with after we won the Iowa caucuses four years ago.  Mitt Romney’s campaign would do well to take the same advice.  It’s going to get pretty rocky over there. 

To be sure, things will remain very fluid on the campaign trail but the Republican nomination is already well within Mitt Romney’s reach.  If the Iowa caucuses are known for offering only three tickets out, then that means that Mitt's competition has been narrowed to Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.