April 2012

In Loving Memory: Henry F. De Sio, Sr.

My dad's footsteps. I woke to the sound of them every morning for years, sometime just before six. Right at the crack of dawn. I could hear them pass outside the bedroom my brother and I shared as he got ready for work.  

My dad was a high school teacher. He worked in one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the state. And even though many of his students came from families of little means, he always wore his Sunday-best shoes to class. It was the tapping of those hard-soled shoes against the brick-tile flooring in the hallway that produced the heavy steps I heard at the start of each day.

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There was something about the sound of those footsteps. They meant something to me. They represented the qualities in my dad that I most admired: responsibility, discipline, respect.

White House Easter Egg Roll (Part 2)

The First Lady kicked off this year's Easter Egg Roll festivities by announcing, “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!”

Watch the first race posted by Washingtonpost.com.

I would direct your attention to the child In the video who launched his egg high in the air as soon as the President’s whistle was sounded – an interesting strategy.

My two little boys were also part of the fray, determinedly working their respective eggs down the South Lawn. You will see them start out at the inside of your screen and then make their way into the middle of your picture (wearing long-sleeved blue shirts).

White House Easter Egg Roll 2012

A Day When Kids Come To Play

I remember the day I learned about an upcoming event the White House was to host, shortly after my entrance with the upstart Administration in January 2009. It was known as the Easter Egg Roll. As many as 30,000 children and families, I was told, would descend on the grounds for a day of activities. There would only be about nine weeks to plan.